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"Where We Help To Build Extraordinary Generations"


At American Learning Lab (ALAB), we believe in the value of high-quality education for every student. We understand that teachers are the primary factor that contributes to creating an educational environment in which our students can benefit the most and learn most effectively. Therefore, we also hope that our teachers, during and beyond their employment period at ALAB, can contribute to the development of a strong teaching community with a set of shared values and educational vision that we all believe in and align to. ALAB aims to become a leading education and training institution with the goal of developing Vietnam's young generations and equipping them with a foundation in modern technology and comprehensive skills so they can be truly global citizens. ALAB’s mission is to bring a foreign language foundation and necessary skills for the 21st century to the younger Vietnamese generation (ages 3-15). We achieve this through the US-standard 4.0 technology-integrated English learning model first introduced in Vietnam by ALAB.